Friday, September 05, 2008

Star Wars Toys at McDonalds

Went to Wal-mart after work today to get some things, and was going to buy some popcorn shrimp from their deli. While waiting in line I noticed the McDonald's there had Star Wars: The Clone Wars Bobble Head toys with their kid's meals. So instead of getting popcorn shrimp I bought a happy meal.

More after the jump to lightspeed...

There are 18 different toys to collect.

Do you collect happy meal toys of your favorite shows, or movies? Do you open them or leave them in the package?

Konota doesn't like the Empire messing with her turf.

The two face off for the final battle for control of the desk.

The Empire makes the first move and charges Konota.

Konota's knocked down! Has the Empire won and gained control of the desk?

No, Konota quickly discards her weapon, and lands a drop kick on the AT-AT's driver.

Standing triumphantly upon her fallen foe, Konota dares anyone to try and take over her desk again.

Find out more about the Star Wars Bobble Heads at McDonald's


gordon said...

lol, konata wins!

say, can the trooper's helmet be taken out and put on the figma? will be interesting don't u think?

ziroc said...

You'd have to take the head of the stormtrooper apart, or more likely break it off. Maybe, if I buy another one I might try it, but I would rather do it with one of the mass produced figmas. Don't want to accidentally break the head connector, since this one's a limited edition and out of production.

ziroc said...

ahahah Konata KICK!!! she rule!! ;)

ziroc said...

Yes. She does.


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