Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Danny Choo Reveals New Anime Project

Just found out this week that Danny Choo has started up his own anime production studio called Mirai Fusion. They currently have 2 projects in the works. First is Chinka (pictured above from Danny's website) which is an original story from a group called Hibuse. It's about a girl named Chinka, with the power to smell out fires, who joins the Mizuneko Fire Brigade to help track down a legendary arsonist.

Since a few years ago, there have been many cases of arson.
In the rural town of Kiyotaki, situated in a beautiful mountain valley, the town folks are talking about the legendary arsonist, Akaneko [赤猫].
The police have completely given up on Akaneko, who has slipped through their fingers every time.
The town's only hope is its one and only firefighting team - the Mizuneko [水猫] Fire Brigade. But because of their destructive fire fighting ways, they too are feared by the town folk. Almost every night, Akaneko and the Mizuneko Fire Brigade fight fiercely, taking down many of the town's buildings in the process. The Mizuneko Fire Brigade have depleted most of the town's financial resources so the town ends up on the verge of bankruptcy. The town was in a critical state when Chinka, a girl with a superhuman ability to smell out fires appears. With her powers, the Mizuneko Fire Brigade close in on the true identity of Akaneko...

Offical Chinka Website Illustrations

The second anime does not have a title yet, but he has hinted in this article that it will feature his mascot character Mirai (or atleast a character with the same hairstyle) and be distributed for free.

I really like the character designs for the Chinka anime, and hope it turns out well. Read more On "Danny Choo Reveals New Anime Project"!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Help Me Earn Tokens For BioWare Bazaar

BioWare is holding a 15th anniversary auction. Today through April 10th you can earn tokens various ways to use in bidding for prizes in the auction which will begin on April 6th and end April 10th. They will be auctioning off 1 item every 15 minutes ranging from posters to Mass Effect 2/Dragon Age branded computers. One method of earning tokens is to post your referral link on your website or twitter/facebook feeds. You can earn 10 points per unique click per day up to 500 points. Any extra clicks that day are only worth 1 point. So please click my link, and feel free to post your own links in the comments. I will click anyones link that posts one.

My BioWare Bazaar Link

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Manga and Games

Went to Barnes and Nobel this past week and picked up some manga. Got Yotsuba&! volumes 4, 5, and 6.

Cool video of the characters from Yotsuba&! in the Azu Manga Daioh opening.

Ordered the Ai Yori Aoshi visual novel from Rightstuf. It was 5.99 when I ordered it, but it's gone up to 8.99 now. Went to Best Buy and picked up Infamous for the PS3. They had a coupon for 10.00 off and I had 15.00 in reward certificates so got it for 14.99+tax.

This came in the mail this week also. It's a 25th anniversary original motion picture score for The Goonies. It was published by Varese Sarabande and is limited to 5000 copies. And I believe it is the first full release of all the tracks that Dave Grusin composed for the movie. This CD is comprised of 34 of Grusin's compositions. Previous soundtracks only included 1 of Grusin's scores with the other 11 tracks being songs by Cyndi Lauper and other songs heard in the background.


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Teaser For Gantz Live Action Movie

Found this posted on Ain't It Cool News. It's a short teaser for the Live Action Gantz movie. I recently bought the complete series but haven't had a chance to watch it all. I did watch a few of the first episodes and enjoyed it. Hope the movie turns out well.

Image from Comic Book Movie Fansites


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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Music Video

Konami has released a music video of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker character Paz singing "Love Deterrence." Found this posted over at Kotaku the other day.

Image from Gigazine

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rightstuf Offers Clannad Trade In

When Clannad was released in the US last year it was released with subtitles only. Well The Clannad Complete Collection is being released this June with an English Dub, and Rightstuf is offering a trade in for anyone who purchased the subtitled versions. If you own both volumes of the subbed version you can send them in (DVD, Sleeve Art, and Case must be included) with 20.00 and 3.00 shipping (6.00 for Canada). If you only have 1 of the subbed volumes you can send it in along with 35.00+shipping.

The offer begins April 1st and runs through July 31. Just print out this form to take advantage of the offer.

Image from Miku Anime World


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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sheryl Nome 1/8 Figure

The Sheryl Nome figure I ordered from J-list came in. She's part of the Excellent Model Series from Megahouse. The figure was inspired from the image above which is featured on the offical Macross Frontier promtional van.

Sheryl Nome is one of the main characters from Macross Frontier, the most recent chapter of the Macross series. If you haven't seen Macross Frontier I highly recommend it. The original Super Dimensional Fortress Macross served as the first of the 3 anime series that would come to make up the Robotech Saga here in the US.

More after the jump.....

Sheryl's base reads "Rise Up!"

Like the Manaka Komaki figure I posted the other day, I did not realize this was a cast off figure until I opened it. Neither the J-list website or the box it came in mentioned it was a cast off. Well I say the box didn't, but it's possible some of the text on the back of the box may have. I don't read Japanese so I can't say for sure.

One problem with the figure is her top is to small to actually get the ends to connect when you have it on. Luckily her hair covers this unless you look real close. Anyone else with this figure have the same problem?

Sheryl comes with two different size bullet accessories. This is the smaller of the two in the picture.

She has hearts over her pupils.

I'd like to get this Ranka Lee from the same figure series. But it comes out in May and not sure if I'll have the money for it since I'm saving for something. And unlike the Sheryl figure, J-list actually points out that she's a cast off figure.

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Trinity Universe Coming to US

NIS America is bringing Trinity Universe for the PS3 to the US sometime this summer. Trinity Universe is a cross over RPG that combines characters from the Disgaea and Atelier series. I've never played any of the Atelier games, but have played two of the Disgaea games and a couple other NIS games. I'm looking forward to the games release. Anyone else looking forward to it?

News from Kotaku
Images from Playstation Center
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

This is a fake movie trailer made by Funny or Die. It features Aaron Paul, Gary Cole, Mary Steenburgen and even a cameo by Weird Al. I think this would be an awesome movie if they actually made it.


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To Heart 2 Manaka Komaki Figure

Purchased this figure of Manaka Komaki from To Heart 2 a few weeks ago from Play-Asia. Did not realize this figure was cast off when I ordered, as Play Asia had no mention of it in the item description or pictures for the figure.

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Walking along with her book bag and a fictional Pocky type snack called Poppo.

A gust of wind gives a quick peak beneath her skirt.

The one complaint on the figure is the gap where you remove the top of her uniform.

Extremely cute with just the skirt on.

Fully cast off.

Cute little stars on her pantsu.

I would love to play the To Heart visual novels. Wish some group would do a translation patch or even Manga Gamer picking it up since they've already done some big name games like Shuffle, Da Capo, and Higurashi.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Genshinken DVD, Artbox, and Some New Manga

Ordered Genshiken 2 Volume 3 and the artbox for the series from Rightstuf. They came in a couple days ago. The artbox also came with a T-shirt that reads "Otaku Shop For Dojin". I ordered Lucky Star 4 and the Ai Yori Aoshi game with these, but both are on back order so haven't came in yet.

Here is the back of the artbox featuring Kousaka cosplaying as a character from Kujibiki Unbalance.

I also picked up The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 5, Fruits Basket 9, and Trigun Maximum 3 at Books-a-Million this week.


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Encom Badge Arrives

My Encom security badge arrived from Flynn Lives today. It came with a message saying I could use the employee ID# to log onto the Encom website. The login URL for anyone with a badge but no access to a cell phone capable of scanning QR codes is There is reference to an upcoming press conference in less than 3 weeks that Nerd Society believes is in reference to Wondercon in April since Disney will be there promoting Toy Story 3 and Prince of Persia.

Anyone interested in getting a badge they were given out for figuring out the names of all the video games represented in the picture at this website, Arcade Aid. You need to log in with your Flynn Lives id. They are only giving out badges while supplies last.

Solutions List courtesy of Shogun Gamer

1) Call of Duty
2) Outrun
3) Frogger
4) Home Run
5) 720
6) NBA Jam
7) Flower
8) Rampage
9) Worms
10) Punch-Out
11) Burger Time
12) Balloon Fight
13) Vanguard
14) Minesweeper
15) Face Off
16) Stargate
17) Star Castle
18) Golden Tee
19) DragonBall Z
20) Halo
21) Discs of Tron
22) Tron
23) Crossbow
24) Shadow of the Colossus
25) Tiger Heli
26) Burnout
27) Super Cobra
28) Space Ace
29) Boulderdash
30) Smash TV
31) Silent Hill
32) Birdie King
33) R-Type
34) Missile Command
35) Food Fight
36) Time Splitters
37) Bomberman
38) Golden Axe
39) Double Dragon
40) Bejeweled
41) Donkey Konga
42) Fallout
43) Paperboy
44) Firetruck
45) Guitar Hero
46) Spy Hunter
47) Joust
48) Asteroids
49) Dig-Dug
50) Popeye
51) Goldeneye
52) Sea Wolf
53) Starfox
54) Mouse Trap
55) Defender
56) Metal Slug


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Monday, March 08, 2010

TRON Legacy Trailer in Quicktime

The first real trailer for TRON Legacy has been released in Quicktime. The previous teaser shown in theaters was just VFX concept test footage that had been shown at Comic-con last year.

The trailer shows Flynn's son, Sam, as he gets transported to the computer world while looking for his father who's been missing for several years.

You can view the trailer at

December can't get here fast enough.

Image from the TRON Legacy Facebook Page


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Monday, March 01, 2010

New Trigun 2-part Manga Accounced

Young King Ours magazine announced in it's current issue that there will be a new 2-part Trigun manga released in it's next two issues. The release of this new story marks the April 24 theatrical release of the Trigun: Badlands Rumble film.

Movie Trailer from Anime Expo 2009

News from Anime News Network

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