Friday, October 23, 2009

Won a Guitar Controller

Logitech was giving away guitar, drum, and microphone controllers for Guitar Hero/Rockband to random followers of their Facebook fan page, and I was one of the lucky winners. I got the Logitech Wireless Guitar for the XBox 360. It's a really nice controller made from wood and steel like a real guitar. Since I don't have a Guitar Hero or Rockband game for the 360, I rented Rockband: The Beatles to try it out. It works pretty well, but the touch sensitive slide buttons on the neck don't seem to work with Rockband. Other than that it was a pretty sweet win, and one of my biggest wins as far as value ($200). Only other items I've ever won with this high a price value was a year subscription to Netflix, and a .hack// video game prize pack.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Brutal Legend

Went to Best Buy yesterday to buy Brutal Legend. It's a pretty fun game with a good mix of action, RTS (Real Time Strategy), and driving elements. The majority of the major confrontations are Stage Battles which are the RTS segments. But unlike most RTS games your still in complete control of Eddie and can blast enemies with your guitar, or beat them with your axe. You can also do co-op movies with your units.

I bought the Xbox version and if anyones interested in a stage battle my gamertag is zirocstormkiler.


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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Dakimakura

Finally got the Ichigo Morino dakimakura I ordered from J-List in. I pre-ordered this back in July just a few days before they sold out. Ichigo is from Please Teacher and Please Twins, and although she was just a secondary character she was one of my favorites. Who was your favorite character from the Please... series?

Since, I don't have a pillow or wall space to display it right now, it will have to stay in the packaging for now.

But for anyone wanting to see what it looks like on both sides here is a stock photo from Toylet.


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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trigun Volume 2

Picked up Trigun volume 2 a couple days ago. It's been awhile since I bought volume 1 mainly because I never saw volume 2 at Books a Million. But was in Shreveport at the Barnes and Nobel there and they had a copy so I bought it. It's a little different than the anime, but was a really good read. I'm looking forward to starting Trigun Maximum now. Anyone else a Trigun fan?

This is a really awesome Trigun music video set to the song Wanted Dead or Alive.


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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Manga and Video Games

Picked up some new manga and video games this week. Got the final volume of Karen (AKA Chibi Vampire). I was a little disappointed in the ending, not because it was a bad ending, but because it wasn't the way I hoped it would end. And that's all I'll say since I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Also picked up Rosario to Vampire volume 5. This is a really good series, and I need to get around to watching the anime soon.

Other manga acquisitions were Negima!? Neo, and Higurashi Cotton Drifiting Arc volume 2. I wasn't a huge fan of the Negima!? anime, but I think they are actually doing a good job with the manga and look forward to reading future volumes. Higurashi was a good read to. The next volume will be the Cotton Drifting Answer Arc, the Eye Opening arc. I can't wait for Manga Gamers release of the visual novels the manga is based from. This is also another series I need to watch the anime of.

I also got a couple used games from Gamestop. I had been reading about Crackdown 2 in last months Game Informer, and it sounded like it would be a really good game. So I decided to go get the original Crackdown to play it before the sequel comes out. A friend of mine talked me into getting Two Worlds, which from what little I've played so far seems almost like a cross between Oblivion and Diablo. Both games feature co-op play and if anyone's interested my Gamertag is Ziroc Stormkiler.


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Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Episodes of Inuyasha

The final season of the Inuyasha anime begins Oct. 3rd. It will air simultaneously on TV in Japan and steaming online in the US. Kanketshu-hen is currently streaming a trailer for the new season.

I always hated that the anime series ended with absolutely nothing resolved. I'm glad they decided to go ahead and finish the series. I'll be looking forward to the first episode this weekend. Anyone else planning to watch?

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