Sunday, September 21, 2008

EA changes Spore DRM

EA's Spore currently has a DRM scheme that allows you to only install it a total of 3 times before having to call EA for more codes or buying the game again. Because of public outrage over the install limit EA will be releasing a patch that will allow you to deauthorize a computer that has Spore installed freeing up the install key to be used again. This is a similar system to what Apple uses with their iTunes Store. With iTunes you can authorize up to 5 PC's to play your purchased music or videos on. If you ever change or upgrade your computer, you can deauthorize it. Of coarse the problem with this system is what happens when your hard drive dies, making it unable to be deauthorized. But this seems to be an acceptable compromise for EA. At first I wasn't planning on buying Spore because of the DRM. With this change I'm now considering buying the game.

Will you buy Spore now that you can deauthorize your computer, so you can reuse the install later?

Source: G4TV

Picture from Starpulse



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