Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your Right to Resell is in Peril

October 29th, the Supreme Court is scheduled to determine if you have the right to resell your own property. Depending on how they rule it may become illegal to resell your iPhone, PC, Car or Truck, clothes, or even your home without first asking the manufacture of that product permission to do so, which they may decline to give.

Earlier this year a lower court determined that products made in other countries do not fall under the "right of first sale". The "right of first sale" is what gives you the right to resell your own property. If the Supreme Court upholds this ruling, which Obama and the Entertainment Industry is pushing them to do, then it would become illegal for consumers to do that if any part of that product was manufactured in other countries.

With pretty much every piece of electronics from TVs to iPhones being made overseas you would lose your right to resell them. A large number of cars and trucks are made overseas. Your old clothing could of been made in another countries. Your furniture. Your books. If this is upheld it would put an end to Ebay, Craiglists, even the local yard sell. It would also make it beneficial to manufactures to move all productions outside of the US, and damage our economy.

Help convince the White House and Congress to support our right to resell the things we own. Visit to send a letter letting them know how you feel about this situation. Read more On "Your Right to Resell is in Peril"!


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