Saturday, September 06, 2008

Samurai Girl

Been watching this new show on ABC Family called Samurai Girl. It's about a girl named Heaven, played by a beautiful Jamie Chung, who's father has set her up with an arranged wedding. During the wedding ninja's attack and kill her brother, who is trying to protect her. Her father is also shot during the attack. After escaping the attack Heaven seeks out her brothers friend who teaches her to fight, so she can track down who sent the ninja's. During her search she learns she is part of an ancient prophecy, and is fated to bring prosperity to those loyal to her but possibly at the cost of her own life.

They are showing the first 6 episodes over the weekend with 1-4 already airing. But they will re-air those episodes prior to the airing of the final 2 starting at 4PM PST Sunday, Sept 7th.

I've enjoyed watching the series, and hope it continues for a few seasons. And if it does get canceled that they at least make a final episode to tie up the plot line now that they have me into the show.

Have you been watching Samurai Girl? What do you think of it?

Picture from LA Times



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