Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Free Death Note 2 Tickets at Hot Topic

Select Hot Topic stores will be giving out free Death Note 2 tickets, while supplies last, with the purchase of the first Death Note movie on DVD, or any Death Note T-shirt. Death Note 2 will be shown in select theaters Oct. 15 and 16.

Source email from VIZ Pictures
Picture from Wikipedia


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Desk Wars: Return of Kagami

My Yuki Nagato, and Kagami Hiiragi Figma's arrived yesterday from Hobby Search. I had already opened Yuki, before I thought about taking photos of the packaging. So I just stood her in front of the box. Have some problems with the Yuki figure, but they are pretty minor issues. You can't get the figma stand into the hole on Yuki's back when she has her cape on. You have to sort of balance her with the hole in the cape. Also the cape section you use when posing her with the guitar does fit together perfectly with the main section, but it does fit well enough to stay put. Lastly, I noticed Yuki's shoes are brown, while the picture on the box shows white with blue soles.

Last time we left Konota surrounded by the stormtrooper, and General Grieveous after they had blasted Tsukasa to the edge of the desk. Recap here.
As Konota is trying to think of a way out of her predicament, Tsukasa's sister Kagami shows up. "How dare you blast my sister!" she yells at the stormtrooper.

Looking over to Konota she says, "Let's teach these bobble heads a lesson."
Kagami tries to take out the stormtrooper with a Hiiragi Flying Kick, while Konota jumps on Grievous and starts pounding on his head.
However, Kagami is surprised as the stormtrooper dodges her attack.
And quickly blasts her from behind. Meanwhile Grievous reveals his seach set of arms and grabs Konota flinging her through the air.

Tsukasa regains conciousness as the duo approach to finish her off. She quickly dials a number on her cell phone. "Please send help," she says as the person on the other end answers.
In a flash of light Yuki Nagato appears behind the unsuspecting evil doers.
She waves her wand, summoning the ultimate weapon in the universe to dispatch Grievous and the stormtrooper.

Afterward, the girls have some fun. Konota dances as Yuki plays her guitar. Kagami enjoys the latest issue of her favorite manga, while Tsukasa wonders why she got stuck serving the tea.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

ADV licenses Clannad

ADV Films Vice President Matt Greenfield announced at this past weekend's Sogencon that they have acquired the rights to Clannad for US distribution.

Source: Animenation

Image from Baka-Tsuki


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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ebay No Longer Taking Checks

Starting in late October Ebay will stop allowing users to accept Checks or Money orders as forms of payment. Once this goes into effect the only payment options when you win an auction will be Paypal, which Ebay owns, Pro Pay, Credit/Debit cards, or meet in person to exchange cash for your item.

Source: G4TV
Picture from Chef2Chef


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Saturday, September 27, 2008

1000th visitor

I reached my 1000th visitor this week. I've only been doing this seriously for about a little over a month. Thanks for visiting my site. Also thanks to DannyChoo.com for his traffic sharing program, without which I wouldn't have nearly this many visitors.

Page Loads 1,362
Unique Visitors 1,146
First Time Visitors 1,021
Returning Visitors 125

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Eye of Judgement on Clearance at Target

Was at my local Target today, and they had PS3 game Eye of Judgment on clearance for 34.99. The game comes with the Playstation Eye camera and is regularly 69.99. The camera buy itself is 39.99. So I decided to buy it since you got the game and camera for 5.00 less than just the camera. Interesting game. You build a deck of 30 actual cards, and place them on the field under the camera. It then shows a 3D version on the TV. You can play it against the CPU, or against another person offline or online. It's probably the closest thing to the Yugi Oh TV show we'll see in a while.

If you've been thinking about getting a Playstation Eye you should probably check your local Target. I'm not sure if it's clearanced at all Target's or just the one here.

Picture from wikipedia


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Heroes Season 3 Episode 1-2

Comcast has a new website called Fancast. You can watch free streaming videos of full TV Episodes. And not just current series, but old series like The A-Team, and Galactica 1980. You can even embed the videos on your site like you can with YouTube videos. Here are the first 2 episodes of Heroes season 3 if you missed them.

Episode 1: The Second Coming

Episode 2: The Butterfly Effect

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Top 10 Most Interesting Manga

Oricon, a Japanese entertainment magazine, polled 300 teens aged 13-19 on what were the most intresting manga they had read. One Piece came in at the top of the list. The rest are as follows.

01. One Piece
02. Slam Dunk
03. Dragon Ball / Death Note (tie)
05. Gintama
06. Love Com / Nodame Cantabile (tie)
08. Detective Conan
09. Hana Yori Dango / Fullmetal Alchemist (tie)

What's the most interesting manga you've read recently? I think I'd probably have to say Negima!.

Source: Animenation
Picture from Wikipedia

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is this Megatron?

Is this Megatron's new vehicle mode for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? Micheal Bay has said he would be releasing false info about the movie, so this could be some of that. However, I do think the tank looks a lot better than the jet from the first movie.

See more pictures at tfw2005.com where this picture is from .


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Red Dwarf Episodes

There are going to be 4 new episodes of Red Dwarf to celebrate the series 21st birthday. According to reddwarf.co.uk
the original cast will be reprising their roles. The 4 shows will be...

Show One - The Making Of The Specials
A highly entertaining look at what goes on behind the scenes on a Red Dwarf production.
Show Two - Red Dwarf Special: Part One
The cast get back into character, and costume, a decade on...
Show Three - Red Dwarf Special: Part Two
The adventure continues...
Show Four - A Clip Show With a Serious Difference
The cast do it their way. Red Dwarf as you have never, ever seen it before!

The shows will air in 2009, and if successful there could be more Red Dwarf projects in the future.

I used to watch Red Dwarf all the time on PBS along with Doctor Who, and Black Adder. For anyone unfamiliar with the show, it about a guy named Lister, who is a part of the crew on a spaceship called Red Dwarf. After being imprisoned in stasis for smuggling his pregnant pet cat on board, a radiation leak wipes out the entire crew. 3 million years later the ships computer Holly revives Lister, and creates a hologram of his bunk mate Rimmer. The two soon run into Cat, who looks human and is a descendant of the cat Lister smuggled on board. And thus Red Dwarf begins it's 3 million year trip back to Earth.

Picture from reddwarf.co.uk


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Mario saves the Princess


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Complete NES Collection for Sale

There is a complete collection of US NES games for sale on Ebay. That's 739 games including the Nintendo World Championships cartridge that was given out to tournament winners.

The auction's up to 10,000 US, which is way out of my price range. I wouldn't mind having this collection though if I had the money. Would you buy something like this if you had the money?

Picture from the auction


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EA changes Spore DRM

EA's Spore currently has a DRM scheme that allows you to only install it a total of 3 times before having to call EA for more codes or buying the game again. Because of public outrage over the install limit EA will be releasing a patch that will allow you to deauthorize a computer that has Spore installed freeing up the install key to be used again. This is a similar system to what Apple uses with their iTunes Store. With iTunes you can authorize up to 5 PC's to play your purchased music or videos on. If you ever change or upgrade your computer, you can deauthorize it. Of coarse the problem with this system is what happens when your hard drive dies, making it unable to be deauthorized. But this seems to be an acceptable compromise for EA. At first I wasn't planning on buying Spore because of the DRM. With this change I'm now considering buying the game.

Will you buy Spore now that you can deauthorize your computer, so you can reuse the install later?

Source: G4TV

Picture from Starpulse


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Maguire signed on to Spider-man 4 and 5

Toby Maquire has signed on to continue playing Peter Parker in the next two Spider-man films. His contract will allow him to take time off to spend time with his 22 month old daughter Ruby. A friend of Maquire's is quoted as saying,

"Tobey admits he is obsessive-compulsive about everything he does, and raising Ruby is no different. There’s no way Tobey would allow work, no matter how well paid, to get between him and Ruby, and Sony realized that.”

I've really liked Maguire as Spider-man, although the last film wasn't nearly as good as the previous ones. Hopefully, they will be able to turn things around in the next two films.

Source: G4TV
Picture from Wikipedia


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Make a Wish XBox 360

Bungie, developers of Halo, is auctioning of this limited edition XBox 360 with Halo art work and signed by the entire development team. The proceeds from this auction are being donated to the Make a Wish foundation. Only two of these XBox's were made. The auction ends tomorrow, Sept 22.

Make a Wish XBox

Picture from the auction page.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Desk Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Today Konota was walking Tsukasa through the English menus on her cell phone.

Konota, busy showing Tsukasa how to change her ring tone, didn't notice the Stormtrooper coming up behind Tsukasa. She also failed to see General Grievous coming from the other side.

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Not wanting to loose the element of surprise, the Stormtrooper quickly blasts Tsukasa with his AT-AT.

Konota tells the Stormtrooper, "How dare you do that to my friend! Now prepare to feel the wrath of my 'Super Cosplay Drop Kick'"

The Stormtrooper laughs at Konota. "Oh really? Maybe you should look behind you. We claim this desk in the name of The Empire. I think we'll send you to work in the spice mines of Kessel as punishment for beating me up so much."

Is this the end of Konota? Find out next time on Desk Wars!


Well, if you hadn't noticed I got another of the McDonald's Star Wars figures. This time I got General Grievous. Grievous's special feature is his lightsaber's light up. They don't light up very bright, so I couldn't get a picture showing off that feature. Below are a couple of close up shots of him. Enjoy.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Scratch Fury Maquette

Scott Kurtz (PVP) is selling a limited edition resin maquette of his character Scratch Fury: Destroyer of Worlds. Scratch came into being when Skull the Troll tried to use his genius machine while holding his pet cat Scratch. Instead of making Skull smarter it made Scratch super intelligent and bent on world domination. The maquette will be limited to the number of pre-orders received, so if you want one you need to order now. You can order from the PVP Store.

I'm going to have to try and dig up 40.00 because Skull and Scratch are my 2 favorite characters in PVP and I really want one of these. Need to get around to getting a Skull plushie also.

Picture from PVP


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When Copier's Attack

Found this Japanese commercial for copier paper on YouTube. It shows why you should always use the best quality paper for your copier. Does your copier/printer jam a lot? What do you do when it does?

Picture is a screen capture of the video.


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Death Note 2 Tickets

Viz Media is giving away the DVD of the Death Note movie, and tickets to Death Note 2. Just visit http://www.deathnotefilms.com before Oct. 1st and sign up.

Image from http://www.deathnotefilms.com


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Monday, September 15, 2008

More of my Collection

Been a busy weekend. Saturday I put up some new shelves in my room, and had to work open to close at work Sunday. Should be my last Sunday like that for awhile, because another assistant manager said she wanted to work every Sunday. If she wants to do it I wasn't going to argue with her. Before we were alternating between the two of us who worked on Sunday.

One of two Pepsi Star Wars Episode 1 character standees I got while I was working at K-Mart. The other is Queen Amadala, but I can't get a picture of her because she's behind one of my bookshelves. I have a lot of other movie advertising materials, which I'll take some pictures of later.

More after the jump.....

Set of 4 Lucky Star Gashapons. Next week two of my favorite series start their new seasons, Heroes (Sept. 22), and Survivor (Sept. 25). Really looking forward to Heros since they are adding more villains to show. Who is your favorite character on Heros? Mine is Hiiro. At first I thought he was just for comic relief, but quickly saw he was one of the major players. My favorite episodes are the one's he's in.

This is "Conquerors Spell" from The Bradford Exchanges Realm of Dragons collection. The wings have art by The Brothers Hildebrant. There is at least one other dragon in this series, possibly more. I'm not really sure because in order to get the second and subsequent dragons you had to subscribe to the series. Meaning when a new dragon was released they would automatically send it to you, then if you didn't want it you had to send it back. That was just to much trouble to go through.

Have you ever purchased a figure set you had to buy one piece at a time via a subscription plan?

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Friday, September 12, 2008

May the Swartz Be With You. Spaceballs the Animated Saga.

G4TV will be airing 2 hours of Spaceballs the Animated Saga on Sunday Sept 21st starting at 3PM EST with Spaceballs the Movie followed by the animated series.

The cast for the series includes:

* Mel Brooks as President Skroob / Yogurt (voice)
* Daphne Zuniga as Princess Vespa (voice)
* Joan Rivers as Dot Matrix (voice)
* Tino Insana as Barf (voice)
* Rino Romano as Lone Starr (voice)[7]
* Dee Bradley Baker as Dark Helmet (voice)

Spaceballs and Blazing Saddles are my two favorite Mel Brooks films, so I am looking forward to seeing the animated series. What are your favorite Mel Brooks films and are you looking forward to the series?

Image from G4TV


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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Constructicons in Transformers 2

TFW2005 says they have confirmation that the Constructicons and their merged form Devastator will be in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

- Seven construction vehicles merge to form Devastator
- Devastator has lots of upper body strength, like a gorilla
- Not just green, some of the vehicles are red and yellow

TFW2005 was one of the first, if not the first, sites to reveal designs for various characters in the first Transformers movie.

Source TFW2005
Image from http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-movie-discussion/172543-tftm2-long-haul-pic.html


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