Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Moon Phase review

Just finished watching Moon Phase. It's about a vampire named Hazuki, who's been imprisoned in a castle in Germany until a photographer named Kohei helps her escape. She try's turning Kohei into her slave by biting him, but his special blood prevents her from doing so which infuriates her to no end. The two of them become very close over the coarse of the series despite always arguing with each other, as they fend off attempts by Hazuki's father to have her returned to the castle.

The series is very good, despite a couple of plot points that don't seem to get resolved. It's a very light hearted love comedy most of the time, with Hazuki and Kohei often arguing and never willing to admit their true feelings for each other. Some episodes become more serious as they fight against one of Hazuki's pursuers, and Kohei wishing he could become stronger in order to protect her. But even the most serious mood in the series is quickly broken by the ever increasing amount of pots and pans that fall out of nowhere to hit the characters in the head.

Overall a very good series and worth watching. I gave it a 5 out of 5.

Picture from DATorrents

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