Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Red Dwarf Episodes

There are going to be 4 new episodes of Red Dwarf to celebrate the series 21st birthday. According to reddwarf.co.uk
the original cast will be reprising their roles. The 4 shows will be...

Show One - The Making Of The Specials
A highly entertaining look at what goes on behind the scenes on a Red Dwarf production.
Show Two - Red Dwarf Special: Part One
The cast get back into character, and costume, a decade on...
Show Three - Red Dwarf Special: Part Two
The adventure continues...
Show Four - A Clip Show With a Serious Difference
The cast do it their way. Red Dwarf as you have never, ever seen it before!

The shows will air in 2009, and if successful there could be more Red Dwarf projects in the future.

I used to watch Red Dwarf all the time on PBS along with Doctor Who, and Black Adder. For anyone unfamiliar with the show, it about a guy named Lister, who is a part of the crew on a spaceship called Red Dwarf. After being imprisoned in stasis for smuggling his pregnant pet cat on board, a radiation leak wipes out the entire crew. 3 million years later the ships computer Holly revives Lister, and creates a hologram of his bunk mate Rimmer. The two soon run into Cat, who looks human and is a descendant of the cat Lister smuggled on board. And thus Red Dwarf begins it's 3 million year trip back to Earth.

Picture from reddwarf.co.uk



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