Saturday, September 20, 2008

Desk Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Today Konota was walking Tsukasa through the English menus on her cell phone.

Konota, busy showing Tsukasa how to change her ring tone, didn't notice the Stormtrooper coming up behind Tsukasa. She also failed to see General Grievous coming from the other side.

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Not wanting to loose the element of surprise, the Stormtrooper quickly blasts Tsukasa with his AT-AT.

Konota tells the Stormtrooper, "How dare you do that to my friend! Now prepare to feel the wrath of my 'Super Cosplay Drop Kick'"

The Stormtrooper laughs at Konota. "Oh really? Maybe you should look behind you. We claim this desk in the name of The Empire. I think we'll send you to work in the spice mines of Kessel as punishment for beating me up so much."

Is this the end of Konota? Find out next time on Desk Wars!


Well, if you hadn't noticed I got another of the McDonald's Star Wars figures. This time I got General Grievous. Grievous's special feature is his lightsaber's light up. They don't light up very bright, so I couldn't get a picture showing off that feature. Below are a couple of close up shots of him. Enjoy.


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