Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Games and Manga

Went to Shreveport to help a friend out today, and stopped by a couple of the game stores over there before heading home. Picked up Resistance Fall of Man and Kameo at a used game store there, and 999 (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors), and Disgaea Infinite at Gamestop. Also stoped by Books a Million to pick up Higurashi: Beyond Midnight Arc volume 1.

And for those of you not familiar with 999, but enjoy visual novels. 999 is a visual novel for the Nintendo DS by Aksys Games. It combines visual novel elements with puzzles. The story is about 9 people who are kidnapped, placed on a sinking boat, and given 9 hours to to get past 9 doors before they all drown. So it kind of has a Saw kind of story.

This new game in the Disgaea series is also a visual novel, but unlike 999 is fully voiced. You play the role of a Prinny that gets blamed for the attempted assassination of Overlord Laharl, and thus had your salary reduced to 0. But with the help of a found pocket watch that can send you back in time you can try and keep Laharl from being blown up. There is just one catch in the past your a ghost, but you can possess people and view the story from different angles to find the culprit. At certain points you can even use Mind Control to alter what a character was going to say, thus changing the outcome.

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Heart de Roomate For Free

Jast USA is having a sale. If you buy 3 games (including pre-orders) you get a copy of Heart de Roomate, one of the best games they've ever released.

Due to a number of unfortunate incidents, Yusuke is left without a place to live when he transfers to his new school. Where will he go? Then to his surprise, he runs into his childhood friend Asumi. Misunderstanding Yusuke's situation, she escorts him back to her girls' school dorm and announces to her astonished roommates that Yusuke will be living with them! It sounds like heaven for Yusuke, but it's not: the other girls make him take care of the cleaning and cooking, and he also has to wear a girl's uniform to hide their secret. Tough luck for Yusuke, but over time he starts enjoying life with his cute roommates. What he never expected was where his ever-growing passion towards these pretty girls would take him...

The game is presented in an episodic style complete with "Next time on Heart de Roomate" endings to each episode, and even a flashback episode. It's one of my favorite English released visual novels/dating sim, and I highly recommend it.

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Halo Reach Legendary Edition

Thought I'd post some pics of my Halo Reach unboxing. The box by the way is huge.

The first things in the box are the limited edition of the game, and letter from your "cousin" hoping you enjoy this scale replica of the War Monument to Noble Team.

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The Noble Team statue features the five of the six members of the team and is made by McFarland Toys.

Carter and Emile

Jorge and Kat

Emile and Jun

The limited edition opens to reveal the game, but that's not all.

Underneath the game is a package labeled Confidential and a not regarding it's contents.

The pouch contains a diary.

The diary contains a patch, an id card, as well as several maps, letters, and blue prints.

The diary belonged to a scientist who was on Reach at the time of the Covenant invasion.

I haven't read it yet, but I think it has to do with the creation of Cortana and Master Chief

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