Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Desk Wars: Return of Kagami

My Yuki Nagato, and Kagami Hiiragi Figma's arrived yesterday from Hobby Search. I had already opened Yuki, before I thought about taking photos of the packaging. So I just stood her in front of the box. Have some problems with the Yuki figure, but they are pretty minor issues. You can't get the figma stand into the hole on Yuki's back when she has her cape on. You have to sort of balance her with the hole in the cape. Also the cape section you use when posing her with the guitar does fit together perfectly with the main section, but it does fit well enough to stay put. Lastly, I noticed Yuki's shoes are brown, while the picture on the box shows white with blue soles.

Last time we left Konota surrounded by the stormtrooper, and General Grieveous after they had blasted Tsukasa to the edge of the desk. Recap here.
As Konota is trying to think of a way out of her predicament, Tsukasa's sister Kagami shows up. "How dare you blast my sister!" she yells at the stormtrooper.

Looking over to Konota she says, "Let's teach these bobble heads a lesson."
Kagami tries to take out the stormtrooper with a Hiiragi Flying Kick, while Konota jumps on Grievous and starts pounding on his head.
However, Kagami is surprised as the stormtrooper dodges her attack.
And quickly blasts her from behind. Meanwhile Grievous reveals his seach set of arms and grabs Konota flinging her through the air.

Tsukasa regains conciousness as the duo approach to finish her off. She quickly dials a number on her cell phone. "Please send help," she says as the person on the other end answers.
In a flash of light Yuki Nagato appears behind the unsuspecting evil doers.
She waves her wand, summoning the ultimate weapon in the universe to dispatch Grievous and the stormtrooper.

Afterward, the girls have some fun. Konota dances as Yuki plays her guitar. Kagami enjoys the latest issue of her favorite manga, while Tsukasa wonders why she got stuck serving the tea.


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