Thursday, April 29, 2010

Record of Agarest War

My most recent game purchase is Record of Agarest War. Published in the US by Aksys Games, Record of Agarest War follows a soldier named Leonhardt. Leonhardt is a soldier in the Gridamas army, but after seeing his commanding officer try and kill a young elven girl, who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, rebels in order to protect her. He ends up mortally wounded helping her, and on the brink of death a strange woman appears offering to give him the power to help the girl in exchange for his soul and the souls of his descendants. Because of this deal the game takes place over several generations. Each generation will feature a new main character, a descendant of the first generation character. During each generation there will be 3 female characters you must convince one of to marry your current character in order to give birth to the next generations hero. Which girl, and how well she likes you, will determine the new heroes starting stats, and weapon of choice.

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People who have played Cross Edge for the PS3 will be familiar with some of the game mechanics. Since both games were developed by Compile Heart, and Idea Factory they share the same leveling system. Winning a battle earns you Experiance Points (XP), Enhancement Points (EP), Techincal Points (TP), and certain battles award Party Points (PP). Like Cross Edge EP is used to level your weapons, armor, accessories, and skills, with each having 5 levels they can be upgraded. There is also an Alchemy system to create new items. TP are spent on items and skills. And PP are skill points that can be used by any party member.

Now while the leveling system is the same as Cross Edge, the combat system is completely different. Agarest War uses a Tactical RPG style combat system. Each battle your allowed to bring 6 units into combat. Combat is split into two phases, a move phase and action phase. During the move phase you move your units around a grid in order to get within range of enemy units, or to move a weakened character out harms way. The action phase is where you select skills, or items your character uses. Each round you are given action points. These are used when moving or taking an action. One similarity to Cross Edge in the combat system is the ability to "break" your enemies defense, and to do an "overkill". If you succeed in reducing the enemies break gauge to 0 your attacks will do more damage. Doing more than the enemies Current HP+Maximum HP will do an overkill, which essentially gets you extra items for killing that unit. Combat also features whats referred to as an Extended Attack. Position your troops properly and you can combine their attacks on a single enemy performing powerful combos.

Well now that I've talked a little bit about the game let's get on to the items included in "The Really Naughty Limited Edition" available only on the XBox 360. First up you get the original soundtrack included in the case with the game.

A pillow case featuring the adult version of Ellis, the elven girl Leonhardt saves in the first generation.

And lastly an oppai mousepad featuring Vira-Lorr.

While this game has been hyped on it's more "sensual" aspects, the game is more than that with an interesting story, and fun game play. If you played and enjoyed Cross Edge then you will probably like Record of Agarest War.

My unboxing of the game.

The games opening
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter Tri came in today from Amazon.

They basically packaged it by wrapping a piece of cardboard around it.

Which meant they had to crush the box to get it to fit.

At least the game and Classic Controller Pro weren't damaged. So far I've only played up to quest where you get a piece of Iron Ore for the smithy. Only been using the Sword and Shield weapon and liking it so far. Will have to try out some of the other weapons soon to see which suits me best.

I also ordered the Wii Speak to make communicating with fellow hunters easier once I start trying some online quests. Anyone else pick up or plan to pick up Monster Hunter Tri? If so post a message and maybe we can organize a hunt.


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Monday, April 19, 2010

Monster Hunter

Showed a friend of mine some of the advertising videos of Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii, and he was kind of interested in the game. Unfortunately he doesn't have a Wii, but he did recent purchase a PSP. So since his birthday was coming up I picked up a couple copies of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP. One copy for me, and for him for his birthday. I never bothered buying any of the PSP Monster Hunter games before now since they were Ad Hoc mode only, and I didn't know anyone else with a PSP. Though after purchasing these I found out that you can play some Ad Hoc only PSP games online via the PS3 using a free PSN download called Ad Hoc Party. And Monster Hunter Freedom Unite happens to be one of the compatible games.

I've also got a pre-order at Amazon for the Wii Monster Hunter game. Should be here by Thursday next week.

Anyone else getting Monster Hunter Tri?

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Manga This Week

Some manga I ordered from Right Stuf came in this week. Picked up the last 4 volumes of the first Rosario+Vampire series. It's a very good series and can't wait to finish it up and get started on Rosario+Vampire Season 2.

Also bought Fruits Basket volumes 10 and 11 as well as Yotsuba&! volume 7 which I forgot to get a picture of.

Went to Books-a-Million this week and picked up .hack/4koma. It's a collection of parody stories/strips from 4 different artist. I've only ready the first part of the book, and while I'm a fan of the .hack universe I haven't really been able to get into this manga.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Cross Edge

Stopped at Best Buy today while helping out a friend, and found Cross Edge on clearance for 19.99. I've been considering picking it up for awhile now and this price was to good to pass up since it's regular 49.99. Cross Edge is a game from NIS, but contains characters from Capcom, Gust, Namco Bandai, and Idea Factory.

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