Monday, September 15, 2008

More of my Collection

Been a busy weekend. Saturday I put up some new shelves in my room, and had to work open to close at work Sunday. Should be my last Sunday like that for awhile, because another assistant manager said she wanted to work every Sunday. If she wants to do it I wasn't going to argue with her. Before we were alternating between the two of us who worked on Sunday.

One of two Pepsi Star Wars Episode 1 character standees I got while I was working at K-Mart. The other is Queen Amadala, but I can't get a picture of her because she's behind one of my bookshelves. I have a lot of other movie advertising materials, which I'll take some pictures of later.

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Set of 4 Lucky Star Gashapons. Next week two of my favorite series start their new seasons, Heroes (Sept. 22), and Survivor (Sept. 25). Really looking forward to Heros since they are adding more villains to show. Who is your favorite character on Heros? Mine is Hiiro. At first I thought he was just for comic relief, but quickly saw he was one of the major players. My favorite episodes are the one's he's in.

This is "Conquerors Spell" from The Bradford Exchanges Realm of Dragons collection. The wings have art by The Brothers Hildebrant. There is at least one other dragon in this series, possibly more. I'm not really sure because in order to get the second and subsequent dragons you had to subscribe to the series. Meaning when a new dragon was released they would automatically send it to you, then if you didn't want it you had to send it back. That was just to much trouble to go through.

Have you ever purchased a figure set you had to buy one piece at a time via a subscription plan?

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sleepy said...

woah, those cutouts are pretty sweet!

you can get some at this site i found

thought id let you know.


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