Friday, September 12, 2008

May the Swartz Be With You. Spaceballs the Animated Saga.

G4TV will be airing 2 hours of Spaceballs the Animated Saga on Sunday Sept 21st starting at 3PM EST with Spaceballs the Movie followed by the animated series.

The cast for the series includes:

* Mel Brooks as President Skroob / Yogurt (voice)
* Daphne Zuniga as Princess Vespa (voice)
* Joan Rivers as Dot Matrix (voice)
* Tino Insana as Barf (voice)
* Rino Romano as Lone Starr (voice)[7]
* Dee Bradley Baker as Dark Helmet (voice)

Spaceballs and Blazing Saddles are my two favorite Mel Brooks films, so I am looking forward to seeing the animated series. What are your favorite Mel Brooks films and are you looking forward to the series?

Image from G4TV


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