Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comcast Downgrades Digital Cable Service

I use Comcast as my digital cable provider, since they bought Time Warner out here. In the last month they updated their digital cable service, and I use the word update lightly because it's actually a downgrade. During the update not only did I lose all my preset recordings on my DVR box, but all the shows I had saved and hadn't watched yet. Now I'd like to make a comparison between the old system, which was in place from when it was Time Warner and Comcast's so called "new and improved" system.

Old Channel Guide
-Search for shows up to a week in advanced
-Search for programs by name.

"New and Improved" Channel Guide
-Search for shows up to a week in advanced
-Search for shows by first letter only

Old DVR System
-Able to set priority of recordings in case you ever end up with more than 2 recordings happening at the same time. Higher priority ones take precident
-When making a one time recording that will interfere with 2 preset recordings, can temporarily cancel one of the recordings. DVR will automatically record canceled one next it comes on.

"New and Improved" DVR System
-Unable to set recording priority
-When any recording interferes with 2 preset recordings, you must permanently cancel one of the recordings. Then you must later go and manually reset the canceled recording if you want the DVR to record it the next time it comes on.

As you can see I compared 4 features of both systems. Of these 4 comparisons 3 are actually downgrades, and 1 stayed the same. I've sent a complaint to Comcast's Feedback department, but I highly doubt they do anything to address them.

If anyone else wants to address their displeasure with this "new and improved" system Comcast's Feedback address is

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Pepsi Cans and Messenger Bags

It's been awhile since I've made a post. I'm going to try to get back into making regular posts, but for now here is some more pics of my room. First picture is a Tsubasa Messenger Bag. I won this from when it still existed.

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This is a inflatable Yoda gold Pepsi Can. It was used as a promotional item at stores for Pepsi's Episode 1 Collector's Cans. If you found an actual gold can in a case of Pepsi you could send it in for $100.00 check. I never found one.
Bookends of Argonath, which came with the Fellowship of the Ring Collector's Gift set.
Yoda and Firiona Vie. For those who don't know Firiona Vie is a character from the MMORPG Everquest. This figure came with the retail version of the Planes of Power expansion. Oh and Yoda is from Star Wars.
A Darth Vader happy meal toy.
It opens up to reveal Anakin Skywalker.
This is a set of Ai Yori Aoshi gashapon. They came with the Limited Editions of the Ai Yori Aoshi: Enishi DVD's. From left to right Chika, her cousin Taeko, Aoi, Mayu, Uzume, and Tina
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

False Advertising at Blockbuster Video

I went into my local Blockbuster Video today and they had a table with a sign that said "All Previewed DVD's Buy 2 Get 2 Free". Well I picked out four movies, two of them were 14.99, and the other two were 3.99. When I go to check out the cashier tells me the 14.99 DVD's aren't part of the sale only the ones 9.99 and Under, and a second employee says it's only the ones on the table with the sign. Now the sign said "All Previewed DVD's" not "9.99 and Under DVD's", not "DVD's On This Table" it said "All".

Now I'm not sure what dictionary Blockbuster is using but the English dictionary the word "All" means

1. the whole of (used in referring to quantity, extent, or duration): all the cake; all the way; all year.
2. the whole number of (used in referring to individuals or particulars, taken collectively): all students.
4. every: all kinds; all sorts.

9. the whole quantity or amount: He ate all of the peanuts. All are gone.
10. the whole number; every one: all of us.
11. everything: Is that all you want to say? All is lost.

The cashier eventually gave me credit for the 2 DVD's I should of received free. I also sent a complaint to Blockbuster telling them they need to change the signs, but I doubt they do. It's stuff like this why they are losing business to Netflix, and Gamefly.

And this isn't the first time I've had problems with Blockbuster advertising. When Fellowship of the Rings came out on DVD they had a pre-order campaign where you got a card with 10 free rentals on it when you pre-ordered. The card said 1 free rental a week and weeks start on, I think it was Wed. Well, on Wed. of the second week I went in to use the second rental, and was told new weeks started on Saturday, and they didn't care what the card said. I think I'll just not go to Blockbuster any more.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

News on TR2N

Beaks at Ain't It Cool News got to talk to TR2N Director, Joseph Kosinski.

1) Lisberger is involved as a consultant. Kosinski couldn't be happier about this. He mentioned that Lisberger (and, presumably, Syd Mead) initially wanted the light cycles to have external riders, but they couldn't convincingly pull it off with the technology of the early '80s. So those light cycles you saw in the Comic Con test footage essentially reflect Lisberger's original design.

2) The Comic Con teaser was shot in stereoscopic 3D, and the film will be, too. Kosinski is particularly excited about the look of the game grid in this format.

3) Shooting TR2N will be a "twenty-four month" process, but Kosinski's already been at it for a while now. He didn't give me an exact date, but he seems confident that the movie could be ready for late 2010.

4) As we reported last week, WATCHMEN's Michael Wilkinson is designing the costumes. He officially joins the production this week.

Source: Ain't It Cool News
Picture from Wikipedia


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Friday, October 03, 2008

Star Wars: Clone Wars Airs Tonight

Clone Wars begins airing tonight at 9PM Eastern on Cartoon Network. I think I'm one of the few who actually enjoyed the movie. The only issues I had with it were Zero the Hutt, who I think was only created to give Amadalia a bigger role in the movie. And the wise cracking battle droids kind of got on my nerves. Overall I thought it was pretty good for a pilot episode of a TV series. And here is the rest of it.

Picture from
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Dragon Ball Trailer Released

The Dragonball teaser trailer is out. It doesn't show a whole lot, so I don't want to say the movie is going to be bad or good yet. They need to release a trailer showing more of a fight scene than what this one shows. What do you think so far?

EDIT: Unfortunately the video was pulled.

Picture from

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