Friday, August 22, 2008

My Collection part 4

First post with my new camera, hope you enjoy the pictures better. It's an Aiptek iCam 2.4" LCD. Close up pictures are still slightly fuzzy, but it's a vast improvement over using my webcam. And the fuzziness could just be from me trying to hold the camera still while it takes the photo. Anyway on to the figures.

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This is my Star Wars Bo'Marr monk. It was a send off figure from some breakfast cereal. The Bo'Marr monks are the rightful occupants of Jabba's Palace, and you see one briefly in Return of the Jedi. As peaceful monks seeking enlightenment they simple ignore Jabba's presence in their monastery.

Haseo from .hack//G.U. and .hack//ROOTS This Haseo figure came with the collectors edition of the .hack//G.U. vol 1 PS2 game. I'd really like to see some figures of Pi, Atoli, and Shino. Especially Pi.

Dirty thoughts are very bad! Mahoro here is from the Mahoromatic: Summer Special with art box to hold the entire Mahoromatic series. I really loved this series, except for the end. The end really sucked. Did anyone else hate the ending to this series?

Well that's it for this collection post. The other items on the shelf in the first picture is a little Spider-man figure I found at work, and a Disneyland Candle when I went there a few years ago. I'll be going back and updating my previous collection posts with pictures taken with my new camera, so please look forward to them.


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