Monday, August 18, 2008

My Collection part 2

Well here is the second part of my figure collection posts. I would of posted something sooner, but I've spent a lot of my free time this past weekend figuring out how to get certain things to work on blogger. Making expandable posts for example. And they still don't work right, as it adds a "Read more!" link to the end of every post even if there is nothing more to read. Because of this I will be adding "END POST" to the end of any short posts, so you will know there is nothing else to read. I still haven't finished messing with the way I want things laid out, so if you visit the site and it looks weird it's just me trying to get something to work the way I want.

Here are the next figures from collection. Again sorry for the poor quality. I'm saving up for a real camera, but it will be a little while before I can get one. There are some Negima Figumates I have. 6 of them are from the limited edition DVDs, and the other 5 are the Negima! Vol 2 figure set. I have close up pictures of them after the jump.

Asuna, Ayaka, Makie, and Konoka

Asuna, Ayaka, Makie, and Konoka

Setsuna, Chacamaru (Maid), Chacamaru, and Evangeline

Evangeline, Kaede, and Yue

So who is your favorite Negima! girl? Mine is Nodoka. I like how she started out shy and unsure, and has slow become more outgoing and confident as the manga goes on. And the fact she looks a lot like Love Hina's Shinobu has nothing to do with it. :)


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