Sunday, August 24, 2008

Metal Gear World Championships

Konami, inc conjunction with Major League Gaming have announced the Metal Gear Online World Championship 2008. Two winning teams will from the North American Qualifiers will get a trip to Tokyo, Japan to battle it out with gamers from across the globe during the Metal Gear Online World Championship at the Tokyo Game Show, Oct. 8-12th. Qualifying rounds will be held between Aug. 18th and Sept 8th.

You can find the rules and the sign up forms for various countries at the official Konami page for the competition Metal Gear Online World Championships. Are any of you interested in giving the competition a shot? I like playing online shooters, but I'm not good enough to actually compete in a tournament. And even though I got Metal Gear Solid 4 on release day I haven't really played the online portion of the game except during the beta test.

If you have a team that's participating post a message, so everyone can cheer you on.



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