Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Collection part 3

Ok, time for part 3 of my collection photos. I hope you have been enjoying them so far. The Darth Vader and Yoda pictures hanging from the shelf, were ads for the Star Wars Special Edition video release. They were supposed to be hung on the shelf with the movies, but the store I worked at didn't use them so I got them. I'm hoping to have a better camera in the next couple of weeks. When I get it I'll go back and update these posts with better pictures.

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This is my Toynami Roy Focker "Last Stand" Veritech. This was an exclusive item you could only order from ToyFare Magazine.

This is R2-D2 from the Star Wars 12 inch scale line of figures. The Last Mimzy toy was handed out at the theater I went to see "The Last Mimzy" movie at. Did your theater give these out when you went to see the movie?


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