Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YouTube Tuesday - Pizza time

Well I was planning on ordering pizza from my favorite local place for dinner tonight, but found out they had gone out of business. It was actually just a gas station that made pizza also, but it was the better than the big name places like Pizza Hut, and Johnny's Pizza. They always gave you some pepperoncini peppers, and garlic butter dipping sauce, although they started charging for the garlic butter last year. I'm really bummed about this, because now I need to find a new regular pizza place. If you live in West Monroe, LA and know a good pizza place besides Johnny's, Pizza Hut, or Domino's let me know, and I'll try it out. Have you ever had a favorite food place go out of business?

In honor of my favorite pizza place this weeks YouTube video is a pizza commercial from Japan. Enjoy!



Karasu-kun said...

Holy crap that was quite possibly the cutest commercial I've ever seen. ^^;

ziroc said...

Yeah, I was looking for a Japanese pizza commercial and this just happened to be the first I clicked on. I thought it was really funny how they all turned to ignore him.

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