Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mikuru Asahina, and Kos-Mos Review

Got a package in Monday. It was some new figures I bought via Danny Choo's Classifieds.

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They were from the same seller I got the Mizuho Kazami from. And like last time he threw in a few extras. A Inuyasha sticker, Vampire Hunter D bag, and a Love Hina trading figure.

First up is Max Factory Mikuru Asahina. Tried taking some pics of Mikuru using the background insert from the box. I think it looks pretty nice.

Much better than having my monitor as the background. Although there is some nice scenery in this shot to distract you from the monitor. I need to get around to making some kind of background I can use for future figures.

Mikuru in pigtails is extremely cute.

All around this figure is extremely well made. The sculptor, Chieri, did a really good job with this figure. All the little details like the ruffled apron as she bends forward, and how her hair looks full and flowing. Overall a great addition to my collection. Let's just hope her Mikuru Beam doesn't really go off.

The second figure I bought was Alter's 1/8 scale Kos-Mos, which was sculpted by Takahashi Tsuyoshi. This is her victory pose from the Xenosaga game whenever Kos-Mos is the character to land the final blow on a Enemy.

"My external appearance is down 5%. Shion, I need to be cleaned."

The hair on this figure is pretty amazing. I like how it whips about and is made from a translucent material to allow light to shine through it. Sort of like another figure I have coming in soon. This my first Alter figure, and I have to say they do a really great job on their figures. I'll definatly pick up more from them in the future.

This is the freebie Love Hina trading figure the seller threw in. Motoko Aoyama in a swim suit. She's a nice figure, but she doesn't stand up to well. You have to stick her feet into groves in the small piece of sand, which then just sits on top of the larger base. Because of this it's very easy to knock her over.

She has a very nice backside.

A pretty nice begining for Feburary, and I still have 4 more figures, and a set of Puchi Nendoriods on the way. I had a 5th figure ordered, but nearly two weeks after I ordered the company emailed and said it was sold out. On the bright side I had used a gift card, which they usually only let you use on specific figures, but because they took to make orders for the one I wanted they are letting me use the credit for the gift card on any figure they sell. Thinking about getting the Alter Kos-Mos ver. 4 from them, but haven't decided yet.


Panther said...

The victory pose does not learn as much as this figure, but yes I got to agree she looks nice. I only have the Swimsuit and Ver. 4 figures for her though.

ziroc said...

Yeah I know it's not exact to the way she stands in the game. I just assumed they just wanted it to look more dynamic than it does in the actual game.


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