Friday, February 13, 2009

New Negima OVA Announced

A new Negima 4 part OVA has been announced. The OVA will follow the manga's "Magical World" plot line, and like the Ala Alba OVA series it will be released as bonus discs with 4 volumes on the manga. Kodansha producer Yoichi Ishimoto also confirmed the possibility of a Negima theatrical movie if sales of the OVA are good.

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ziroc said...

Hi! i was wondering when will the negima ala alba ova 4 will come out on, cuz iam a huge fan of negima and if u could send me the exact date that the 4th would be released. Thank you!

ziroc said...

The current ova was only 3 episodes long. They are working on a new 4 part ova, which last I heard part 1 was supposed to be released some time this summer with the latest volume of the manga.

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