Saturday, February 21, 2009

Max Factory Naru Narusegawa

Max Factory Naru Narusegawa
A few weeks ago I was reading a post at How A Girl Figures about how she found a Max Factory Naru Narusegawa in Mexico for only $100.00 US. As a popular out of print figure it's not uncommon to usually see her going to $160.00 or more. Since Naru has been on my want list for awhile now, and seeing someone find her for such a great deal I headed to EBay just to see how much people were asking for her there. And I actually found someone selling theirs for $100.00 Buy It Now. So I quickly snatched her up.

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Max Factory Naru Narusegawa

She came in earlier this week, and was a bit dusty from being previously displayed but great condition otherwise. Naru was sculpted by Chieri who did an awesome job. She just captures the feel from the manga wonderfully. It's like Naru stepped out of the page and into my room.

Max Factory Naru Narusegawa
The translucent effect with the hair is pretty cool, and I think they should do it with more figures.

Max Factory Naru Narusegawa
Max Factory Naru Narusegawa
Naru's shorts cast off revealing a matching bikini bottom for her leaf bikini top. Although, I think I prefer her bluejean shorts on. The slightly opened jeans just looks sexier. Do you prefer Naru cast on or cast off?

So far of the figures I own Naru is my #1 favorite. I giver her a 10/10

My Desktop
Here's a pic of my desktop figure layout.

Naru is out of print, but you can look for other great figures at the following retailers:
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