Monday, January 26, 2009

New Arrivals Mizuho Kazami and Raquel

A couple of new figures came in the mail today. First up is Good Smile Company's Mizuho Kazami from Please Teacher!. Got her for a great deal on Ebay, only $23.00. I had really wanted to get this figure when it first came out, but never got around to buying it before it sold out everywhere.

Back of the box.

This is a very beautiful figure of Mizuho. Accessories included are a chair, a parfait, and Marie.

Just as beautiful from the back. The hairdo is also really nice.

Miss Kazami has gorgeous legs.

I know this pic is fuzzy, but for some reason my camera wants to focus on the monitor and not the figure when I try to take a close up shot. The camera I use is a Aiptek, and I haven't had it for to long. Not sure if it's the settings, the way I'm holding the camera, or if it just isn't made to take close up shots like this.

Second figure is Raquel from Scrapped Princess. This figure came with the limited edition version of Scrapped Princess Vol 2 DVD. The person I bought Mizuho from threw this is as a bonus for being a fellow Danny Choo reader.

As you can see this is a very tall figure. She's nearly as tall as my monitor, and her legs are almost freakishly long. I've only seen the first DVD of this series, but I don't remember her legs being that long.

Aside from the legs the rest of the figure is actually quite nice.

You can move her arm to change her pose a bit, however.....

There is an indentation in her left eye, where her arm normally rests.

The guy I bought these from also threw in some postcards, buttons, Genon DVD sampler, and a Hamtaro balloon.



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