Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Kanon Patch

NDT has released an updated version of their patch. This one lets you play Shiori's path to the end.

Get the patch at NDT

Image from Kanon Fans



Matteas said...

An updated version? I think I will wait until the final version is released. I have started playing it with the previous version only to find that I can't play it after January 20. I couldn't even use the save to continue in the original Japanese version of Kanon.

ziroc said...

Yeah these are just beta patches. They are wanting people to play through what they have ready to look for bugs, and such. Which they fixed some of the problems with the previous patch, like the overlapping letters. And you can now patch in the voice files if you have them. But I will probably wait until the final version is released also.


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