Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Local Japanese Restraunts

Decide to eat dinner at one of the three sushi bar's we have here where I live for dinner today. The name of the place is Samurai, and as you can see Kagami wanted to come along to. I ordered the miso soup to start with. It was really good, and much better than the instant stuff I bought from Wal-mart. If you ever get a chance to try real miso soup then I recommend you do.

Next was fried soft shell crab. It was good, but the sauce they put it overpowered the taste of the crab.

Last I had their Sushi Combination, which is a california roll, and 7 pieces of sushi selected by the chef. I also ordered eel nigri, which is the two dark pieces of sushi at the top right of the plate. This was my first time having eel anything, and I have to say it was probably the best tasting item I had there. Next time I go I will defiantly get the eel again. They also have an entree that features eel, so I might try that next time I go. As for the other sushi, I'm not sure what's what except for the octopus, which is very tough to chew. I think the piece at the far left is Yellowfin. Maybe, I should of asked the waitress, since I was planning to blog about my visit there.

Overall the meal was pretty good, and Kagami had a good time to. Konata was kind of upset I didn't take her, but after how she treated Kagami, and Tsukasa at her part time job I think they deserved a trip out more than her.

Next time I eat out like this, I plan to visit one of the other sushi bars, place called Kyoto. I have never eaten there, so want to see how good they are. Are there any sushi, or Japanese restaurants in your area? How good are they?



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