Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Made some Onigiri

Made some onigiri today. It's my second attempt at making some, but the first time I used long grain rice and they didn't hold together to well. They were really good, and very simple to make. You just need medium, or short grain rice. Medium grain is what your going to find in places like Wal-mart, and such, so it's what I used. You'll also need Nori, and some type of filling. You can find Nori at Wal-mart as well. For filling I just used some tuna fish mixed with mayonnaise and a little bit of pickle juice.

After you cook the rice let it cool some then wet your hands and sprinkle them with salt. Put some of the rice in one hand, then just a little bit of the filling on top. To much and it will want to squeeze out as you form the ball. Put more rice on top of the filling and form into a ball, or you can try to make the triangle shape. I tried to shape them like that, but only succeeded on the top right one. Put a strip or two of toasted nori around it and enjoy.

Just Bento has a list of popular fillings for Onigiri.



Matteas said...

Looks tasty! I want to make some too, but here they don't have the right rice in regular shops, or at least I haven't seen them, and when I go to Japanese grocery shop from time to time, I never remember on it.

ziroc said...

I used Water Maid medium grain rice, which you can get at most major supermarkets like Wal-mart, Brookshires, Super-1, K-mart, etc.

ziroc said...

Hah. Checked your profile after commenting, and saw you don't live in the US. So you might not have stores that sell Water Maid brand rice. Sorry about that.


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