Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Lucky Star figures up for pre-order

FREEing Konata Izumi is scheduled for release in June, and will retail 11,239 yen.

Wave's Konata and Kanata Izumi Treasure's Set is sheduled for release in July and will retail for 10,000 yen. There will also be single figure editions sold of each character for 4,700 Yen. The single figure edition of Konata will have an Akira doll instead of a doll of her dad. And Kanata will have a different facial expression and will be hold a hat in her hands.

Atelier Sai's Kagami Hiiragi is scheduled for release in May and will retail for 4,800 yen.

All the Konata figures are defiantly on my to buy list, but I'm not sure on Kagami. While I like the look of this Kagami figure, I've seen some bad reviews of the quality of Atelier Sai's final production figures. Although since I have never bought a Atelier Sai figure, I might pick her up to see for myself how the final quality is.

Images are from Hobby Search

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