Saturday, February 21, 2009

My First Petite Nendoroids

Haruhi Petite Nendoroids
My first petite Nendoroids came in last week from J-List. It's actually my first Nendoroids of any type, petite or regular size. This set came with 11 figures consisting of 2 versions each of Ryoko Asakura in school uniform, Yuki Nagato in school uniform, Kyon's Sister in casual clothes, Haruhi Suzumiya in casual clothes, and Mikuru Asahina in a maid outfit, and the rare figure Mikuru in a frog costume.

Haruhi Petite Nendoroids
They even sent the box with the set which I thought was nice. To show off my new Nendoroids I decided to try telling a little story with them. So hope you like it.

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Haruhi Petite Nendoroids
Yuki was enjoying a new book while Kyon took some pictures.

Haruhi Petite Nendoroids
Suddenly Ryoko appeared behind Yuki with a knife.

Ryoko, "I said you couldn't protect him forever, Nagato."
Kyon, "Um, Nagato-san."

Haruhi Petite Nendoroids
After a series of attacks to fast for Kyon to capture on film, Yuki unleashes a final attack that Ryoko is unable to block.

Haruhi Petite Nendoroids
Yuki goes back to reading while Mikuru cleans up the mess.

Haruhi Petite Nendoroids
Haruhi, "Hey, Yuki, want to play some cards?"
Yuki, "Busy."

Kyon thinking: Ofcoarse she shows up after the battle between aliens. And don't you see the corpse Mikuru's sweeping up?

Haruhi Petite Nendoroids
Kyon's sister, "Kyon! Kyon! Take my picture to!"

Here are pics of the figures not used in the above Nendoroid Theater. The Kyon's sister figure on the right comes with Shamisen.
Haruhi Petite Nendoroids
Haruhi Petite Nendoroids
Haruhi Petite Nendoroids

While I think these petite nendoroids are cute, I did have a one major issue with them. Some of the stands were very hard to put together, and I was constantly afraid I might break them trying to force the pegs into their slots. I'm not sure if I'll buy to many of these because there is really only one other set I'm interested in right now, and that's the Lucky Star set that comes with Konata Saber.

Overall I think I'd give these petite Nendoroids a 6/10.

You can look for these and other great figures at the following retailers:
Right Stuf
Entertainment Earth
Sideshow Collectibles
Kid Nemo
Hobby Search

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Lauren said...

I agree with you on the stands, they are such a pain! I do love puchi nendos though.


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