Monday, February 02, 2009

Part Time Job

Konata decided to get a new part time job a couple months ago to earn some money for Comifest. She convinced Tsukasa and Kagami to come help her out.

Since Konata was their supervisor she decided to wear her brigade chief costume, but she may of got a little to into character.

"Pull harder! We'll never finish at this rate."

Poor Tsukasa was already having a hard enough time getting the merchandise across the scanner without Konata standing on it barking orders.

Kagami apologizes to the customer as she takes the money. "I'm sorry. She always gets this way when Comifest comes around." *sigh*

Took these are work the other day. Was closing time, so since I didn't want to keep the other employee's waiting I just took a couple pictures from different angles instead of trying to change the scene up. Hope you still enjoy them anyway.



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