Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pixie Hiyori

Goodsmile Company just released this gorgeous figure of Pixie Hiyori from Chu x Chu Idol. I tend to buy only characters I am familiar with, but Hiyori is looks so amazing I would buy her if I could. Hopefully she will still be available for a decent price when I get my income tax refund.

As you can see her entire costume is completely cast-off. Although, I actually like her better with her costume on. Do you prefer your figures cast-on or cast-off? Do you ever buy figures of characters your not familiar with?

You can see more pictures of Hiyori at the Goodsmile Company website.

Hobby Search has Pixie Hiyori in stock for 72.45
Entertainment Earth for 84.99, but this is a pre-order as they won't have her in stock until April.



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