Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cheerleader Haruhi and Mikuru Figma's

These two new figma's from Max Factory just went up for reservation at Hobby Search.

Cheerleader Haruhi is due out March 2009, and retails for 2,381 Yen (Appox. 26.48 USD)

Cheerleader Mikuru is also due out in March for 2,381 Yen.

I currently only have 4 figma's in my collection, but I might try to get these if I can. Still some other figures higher on my want list. Plus the faces for Haruhi don't really look that great. What's your thoughts on the Haruhi figma?

You can reserve these figures at
Hobby Search (Haruhi)
Hobby Search (Mikuru)
Kid Nemo (Haruhi x Mikuru Two Pack)
J-List (Haruhi)
J-List (Mikuru)

Images from Wcloudx (Kumo's) blog


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