Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Utada, Fanboys, and Terminators

Utada's newest album
Went to Best Buy today to pick up a few items. First was Utada's newest US album, "This is the One". It's a very good album. My top 3 songs from it are "Come Back To Me", "Simple and Clean" (Disney's Kingdom Hearts), and "Sanctuary" (Disney's Kingdom Hearts 2)

Also picked up a couple new movies. Got Fanboys on DVD. This was an ok film. It had to quite a few jokes that you had to be a fan of Star Wars to get. I liked that the studio decided to keep the Cancer plot thread, because it gave meaning to their trip to Skywalker Ranch other than just a group of geeks wanting to be the first to see Episode 1. Also picked up the new Skynet Edition T2: Judgment Day on Blu-ray. Picked it up because I didn't have it on DVD, plus it came with a $50.00 Sideshow Collectables gift card exclusive from Best Buy. I was actually lucky getting this because when I looked in the Blu-ray and New Release sections they didn't have any of the Skynet Edition on the shelf. I couldn't find any special display for them either, but as I was looking through the TV on DVD section I found 1 copy someone has sat down there.

Not sure if I'm going to use the gift card yet, because your limited to using it on select items. And right now the only two figures it can be used on that interest me are Wicket and Misa Misa. Everything else eligible for the card are out of my price range even with the $50 off. I might wait awhile since the card is good until May 31, 2010 to get something. If anyone is interested in seeing what all items the card can be used on you can see a list on their Gift Card Page.


Kos-mos Ep III Version - Xenosaga PVC Statue (Alter)


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