Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May Issue of Compace

Got the May issue of Compace in the mail today. Another Japanese magazine I ordered just for the figure it came with. And this magazine is thick. Like phone book thick, and features various manga such as Lucky Star, Churuya-san, Melty Blood, and Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally. Do many of you buy magazines just for the bonus items?

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This one came with Kagami from Lucky Star.

It also came with a Tsukasa promo card for the Wei╬▓ Schwarz CCG.

Kagami relaxes and reads some manga while enjoying some snacks.

This figure of Kagami is extremely cute.

Anyone know what kind of snacks those are?

Color image of the Tsukasa promo card from the April Comptiq.


phossil said...

I but mag.. not only for the bonus, but its a factor when making the desition..

ziroc said...

Just got mine today, was also wondering what kind of snacks she's eating, I've seen them before in Ah My Goddess the TV series but always wondered. This thing's awesome though, I was confused when it arrived in a huge parcel box. Incidentally, I bought mine for the first chapter of Kiddy Girl-and Pure, since I loved Kiddy Grade and had been hoping for a sequel since forever ago. :-P

ziroc said...

Found out what the snack is. They are rice crackers.

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