Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Dakimakura and other May loot

Mid-May loot post and it includes my first Dakimakura. The Dengeki G's Festival Comic Vol 6 I ordered from J-List came in this past week. It came with a Asakura Otome Dakimakura. A Dakimakura, for those who don't know, is a pillow case for a body pillow which features an anime character printed on it. They are extremely popular, and some of them sell for $100.00 or more. I also picked up a couple of video games and manga this week, which you can see after the jump....

Higurashi: When They Cry, Cotton Drifting Arc Volume 1. Just recently finished the Abducted By Demons Arc a few weeks ago, and really looking forward to reading this one. Need to get around to playing the game one of these days.

Volume 3 of Jim Henson's Return to Labyrinth finally came out. It's been so long since volume 2 that I was starting to worry they had decided not to finish the project. Unfortunately, it looks like there might be another long wait for the 4th and final volume. The author, Jake T. Forbes, says in the afterward concerning volume 4,
"I'm afraid I must ask you to wait yet again. Volume 4 will see Toby's story to a close, but there are still a few dramatic knots to untie before it goes to press."

On the bright side it seems work on Legends of the Dark Crystal volume 2 is moving along, as there are a few pages of artwork from volume 2 included at the end of the book. Now I want to watch Labyrinth again.

Picked up Persona 3 FES at Gamestop on clearance for 50% off. It's a very good game so far. Just finished the first full moon boss battle, and working on leveling up before the next one.

Also got Fable 2 since Best Buy had it on sale for 29.99. Although they were sold out, so I had to price match it at Wal-Mart. Played a little of it so far, but stopped after completing the first dungeon. Plan to play it once I finish Persona.

Ok and now what most of you probably clicked on this article to see. The pics of the Dakimakura. You know it's true. Don't try to deny it.


Unlike some Dakimakura's that have the character pictured on both sides in varying states of undress, this Dakimakura only has Asakura pictured on one side.

Do you own any Dakimakura's? Which characters do you have?


phossil said...

I still dont have a dakimakura, but that wont be for much time.. lol ^^

Your first dakimakura is great. Is is printed in both sides or only in one side? I think I would wait for a Dakimakura printed both sides in Dengeki Mag..

ziroc said...

It's only printed on the one side. I'm looking at getting a Tamaki from To Heart 2 one.


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