Friday, May 29, 2009

XBox 1 vs 100 Beta Starts June 1

The beta season for the US version of XBox Primetime's 1 vs 100 begins Monday, June 1st at 10:30PM ET. The program is hosted live by Chris Cashman and will be free for XBox Live Gold Subscribers. The show will run for 2 hours and players can log in anytime during the show for chances to win Microsoft points or other prizes. Each round one player is selected to be "The One" and 100 players selected to be "The Mob". Everyone else logged in during that round are "The Crowd" Your best chance for winning prizes is being selected as "The One" or as a member of "The Mob", but a video of the Canadian beta showed the top 3 scorers of "The Crowd" winning points each round as well. Also you earn entries into a sweepstakes drawing just for being logged in and playing along.

This is a very interesting concept. I do wonder how much it will cost after the Beta season, because they seem to emphasize that the "Beta Season" is free to Gold subscribers. Which might mean there will be a fee for future seasons. Will just have to wait and see on that one. I'll be playing along Monday night, and my gamertag is ZirocStormkiler if anyone else is going to be playing.

Here is a look at the Canadian Beta from Giant Bomb



ziroc said...

This game is great - I play it all the time - dont seem to be able to win anything though :'(

Also - Your youtube videos go over the top of all the side bars - you might want to fix that :)

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ziroc said...

The SWTOR Beta has just started! Why not check out the latest on the SWTOR Beta and watch Trailers or dev footage! See you in-game folks, this game may just beat every record


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