Monday, November 22, 2010

Fuku-bukuro Bags Available At J-List

J-list has put up their Fuku-bukuro bags for this year. A fuku-bukuro, or "lucky bag" is basically a grab bag and a tradition at shops in Japan around New Years. They are filled with merchandise valued at more than the cost of the bag. Last year I bought two bags from J-list, and plan to try and get 2 bags this year as well if they don't sell out. You can see what I got in these posts "Fuku-bukuro Bag 1 Adult set" and "Fuku-bukuro Bag 2 Anime Set"

Current bags available are

Anime Set 1 65.00
Anime Bag 2 115.00
Japanese Fashion/Culture Set 38.00
Japanese Cosplay/Anime Set 65.00
Japanese Study/Culture Set 48.00
Japanese Bento/Traditional Set 40.00
Adult Set 1 65.00
Adult Set 2 115.00
And here is the rest of it.


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