Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fuku-bukuro Bag #2

The second Fuku-bukuro bag I ordered from J-list finally arrived this week. Fuku-bukuro are basicly grab bags that stores in Japan put together at the start of the year with old or overstocked merchandise, and then sell at a price lower than the value of the items in the bag. Think of it as a clearance sale where you have no idea what your buying until after you've bought it.

See what all I got in mine after the jump....

I have to say they didn't skimp on the contents. This was their $80.00 anime bag, and total value of the contents is probably around $170-180. So was well worth the money, and I got some really nice stuff. I defiantly plan on getting one or two of these next year if they do the sale again.

This is Sonic Diver Rai-Jin from Sky Girls. It was the most expensive item in the package at $62.00. I'm not familiar with the series, but it's a nice looking mech, and extremely articulated. It's supposed to transform from the robot mode here into a aircraft mode, the problem is there seem kind of flimsy and some can pop loose when moving them. Another problem with mine is the pilots right arm was broken off in the package. Going to try getting the peg out of the arm and gluing it back together, because the point it broke at is a joint for moving the arm.

This a Sega Arcade Prize figure of Mari from Evangelion 2.0. I wish the UFO Catchers here had stuff like this for prizes. They usually only have stuffed animals. I haven't watched Evangelion 2.0 yet. If you've seen it feel free to let me know what you thought of it.

This Haruhi trading figure is nice, but was hoping it was the bunny girl or maid outfit Mikuru when I opened the box.

She comes with a removable megaphone.

I got 4 Lucky Star trading figures . There are 5 figures in this set, plus I think a secret figure. Of the 5 these were the ones I was hoping to get. If anyone's wondering the fifth figure was Yui, and I'm not sure who the secret figure is.

There were two boxes of the Ikki Tousen pastel version trading figures. I got Sonsaku Hakufu,.....

and the rare bronze painted version of Sonsaku Hakufu. The pastel version is actually a re-release of another set of trading figures with the characters clothing painted pink. The orginal set is much nicer with the final base when all 6 figures are put together forming a huge dragon.

These are two Evangelion trading figure clocks. There are 4 clocks in the set with the other two being Rei and Asuka's Evangelion's.

Now this is what you typically find in the UFO Catchers here. This a stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog from Sega.

These are Space Battleship Yamato trading figures. Never seen any of this series either, but have some of the US releases in my Netflix instant queue.

Got 4 gashapons, all of the keychains. Two Super Mario Bro's keychains, a Bleach Rukia soundrop, and another banana peeling.

I wonder who in Japan actually thought people would want to buy this. It's upside down in the picture because it won't stand up without double sided tape attached to legs.

The skirts on these Hip Parade trading figures is removable.

As you can see here.

Anyone actually buy any of the Hip Parade or Bust Emperor figures? I'm guessing not to many people did, which why they threw 5 of these into my box.

And last of all were this little video games. According to the box there are 6 different games you can collect, but it's basicly the same two games each with three different character graphics.

Did anyone else buy a Fuku-bukuro bag from J-list? If you did what all did you get in yours?


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