Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hikaru Utada Concert Streamed Live Worldwide

Wednesday, Dec. 8th at 4am CST (7PM in Japan) Utada will be streaming her "Wild Life" concert Live to the World on Ustream. IPad and IPhone users can view a 300kbps stream. Utada will have one concert after this one before taking a hiatus from her music career. Utada has two US albums Exodusand This Is The One. She also performs the theme songs to Disney's Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 for the PS2.

Luckily I am off Wed. so I'll be able to catch the concert and not have to worry about getting up later to go to work. Anyone else plan to watch?

Simple and Clean, Kingdom Hearts Opening

Sanctuary, Kingdom Hearts 2 Opening

News source Anime News Network


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