Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fuku-bukuro Bag #1

I got the first of the two Fuku-bukuro bags from J-list in Saturday. Fuku-bukuro bags are essentially grab bags that Japanese stores make around new years which are very popular. The value of the items in the bag are always more than the price of the bag. This was the Adult Set 2 bag. I also ordered the Anime Set A which has not come in yet. I got 1 figure, 1 trading figure, 3 gashapons, 3 games, 2 dvds, and 3 magazines in my bag.

The figure was a Story Image Figure EX Yamato from G-Taste. This is the second Story Image Figure EX I've gotten the first was Saki Kasukabe from Genshiken.

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The 3 gashapons I got were an Evangelion Soundrop Type 2, Mugen Banana Peeling, and Soundrop "Moe".

As for the games they were Hentai Anime Poker, Chain ~ The Lost Footprints, and JAST USA Memorial Collection. I already have Chain, so will be putting that on EBay sometime this week. I haven't played any of the games inlcuded on the Memorial Collection so looking forward to playing them.

The trading figure was a Hip Parade Trading Figure.

The DVD's I got were Yulia Nova Vol 2 and Yulia Nova Vol 3. The magazines were titled Gal and Bejean

Altogether I got about $180 worth of merchandise from my $70.00 grab bag.


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