Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fable 3 Collector's Edition

Picked up the Fable 3 Collectors Edition this week. The game is very similar to Fable 2 in the way a lot of the game mechanics work, with slight changes here and there. The biggest change is in inventory management and map use. Instead of an inventory/map window you actually enter an area of the game called The Sanctuary where your butler, voiced by John Cleese, lays out your outfits and weapons for you to examine.

The collector's edition comes in the faux leather book.

Which has two hidden compartments holding the game, a deck of playing cards, and metal coin.

There are 4 achievements requiring co-op play, and at least one Demon Door. Anyone wanting to help each other get those my Gamertag is ZirocStormkiler.

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ziroc said...

That's nice. I still haven't got Fable 3, I won't until I play Fable 1&2. :)


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