Friday, July 30, 2010

Labyrinth and Dark Crystal Manga

The last volume of Return to Labyrinth is finally out! It's been over a year since volume 3 came out, but we can finally learn what happens to Toby, Sarah, and their friends in the Goblin Kingdom. Also out this month is Legends of the Dark Crystal volume 2. It's been an even longer wait for this book, the first volume released in 2007. And I've heard Tokyopop isn't planning to continue the series. That's to bad because Labyrinth and Dark Crystal are two of my favorite Jim Henson films, and I have enjoyed being able to return to those worlds and experience new adventures.


While at the book store I also got Rosario+Vampire Season 2 Volume 2, and Negima! 27. I got The Lightening Thief because I just watched the movie today, and needed 4 dollars more to be able to use a coupon I had. I enjoyed the movie, so the book must be a pretty good read.
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