Saturday, July 24, 2010

Revoltech Vash the Stampede

The Vash Revoltech figure I ordered from J-List came in. This is my first Revoltech figure. It's a great figure, but can be a pain in the ass to pose due to all the joints. Still it's probably the best Vash figure out there. I also ordered the May issue of Comptiq with Vash. It came with a Lucky Star pillowcase.

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I tried setting up some of the poses featured on the back of the box. This is my favorite pose, but the wall he's sitting on doesn't fit very tight on the support base so he falls over very easy.

Also, for anyone with their own Vash and trying to replicate this pose. I has to pull the shoulder joints out some in order to get his arm to bend to the proper position.

Behind the back shot! Reminded me of episode 9 with the robot sentries, although the pose is different in the anime.

And we'll end the photo shoot with Vash wishing everyone Love and Peace!

Very awesome AMV for anyone who hasn't seen it, though I suspect most have already.

Here is the Comptiq I ordered.

I ordered it for this pillowcase of a a pink haired Kagami dressed as Miku Hatsune, and I just love the way Miyuki looks in the background.


ziroc said...

Eee!? My scubscription (on J-list actually) just ended and NOW Comptiq comes with bonuses? Awesome pillow cases nonetheless!

ziroc said...

Not only is it that, it's the first number I did not get! I got my last issue in June... (ToT)

ziroc said...

That is a awesome figure.

ziroc said...

Comptiq has always come with bonuses. It's just that usually they are stuff like posters, art books or trading cards. The May 2009 issue actually came with a Konata figure

ziroc said...



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