Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Max Factory Tamaki Kosaka

I got the new Max Factory Tamaki Kosaka in from JList a couple weeks ago. Just now had time to get some pictures up. If your not familiar with Tamaki, she is a character from the To Heart 2 visual novel.

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Of the To Heart 2 characters she's my favorite, and this is the second figure of her I have purchased. The first one was a cast off figure included in an issue of Dengeki G's Festival.

In my opinion this is one of the best Tamaki figures out there. The figure was sculpted by Eliot with help from Hiroki Katayama, and they did a terrific job. The paint job is exceptional as well.

No matter the angle this figure looks good. Any other Tamaki fans out there?

I've got another figure coming in the next week or so, a Revoltech Vash the Stampede. That will be my last figure for a couple of months, because I'm planning to go to Animefest in Sept. Need to save up for that. Anyone else planning to attend the convention?


ziroc said...

I can feel your excitement. Lol. :)

ziroc said...

It's easy to get excited over an exceptional figure like this. Though one thing I forgot to mention is the base. It's a white fur type material, which I'm wondering how I'll keep clean from dust.


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