Monday, August 30, 2010

Animefest This Weekend

Going to be heading to Dallas for Animefest with some friends this weekend. This will be the first anime convention I've been to. We've had some comic "conventions" here in the past, and I use the word convention loosely. They were nothing more than a single room full of dealers and lasted one day. Think one actually had George Takei as a guest, but I couldn't get the day off work for that one.

I'll be attending Friday and Saturday for sure. The friend I'm riding with suggested we go to Gameworks one day, but just found out the Dallas location closed a couple months ago. So as of this post our Sunday plans are up in the air.

Already have the panels I want to check out lined up. Planning on trying to attend the Webcomic, and Voice Actors panels on Friday, as well as the Anime Club How-to and Visual Novel panels. Saturday I want to check out the World of Bishoujo Games, Learn Japanese With Anime!, and Kazuyoshi Katayama panels. And I can't decide if I want to sit in on the Funimation panel or the Dai Sato panel as they both take place at the same time.

I will probably check out the gaming area to, even if I don't play anything. Anyone else going, and have some suggestions on things to do?


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