Friday, July 09, 2010

Green Tea, Pepsi, and Okonomiyaki

Some snacks I ordered from J-List came in yesterday. I bought some Okonomiyaki Sauce, Green Tea poweder, and BoaBab Pepsi. The Pepsi is a limited edition flavored with the BaoBab fruit from Africa. I haven't tried the green tea yet, but the Pepsi was really good. I wish I had ordered a couple more.

And of coarse if you have Okonomiyaki sauce, you need some Okonomiyaki to put it on. I made it using this recipe at Okonomiyaki World. They also sell ingredient kits to make your own. I made mine using some sausage, ham, mushrooms, and green onions. I had enough to make 3, but they are kind of hard to flip. The one pictured is the only one I didn't have break apart when trying to flip it.

Anyone else ever tried making this or another dish they heard about in manga or anime? Which manga or anime was that made you want to try it? I think it was Ranma 1/2's Ukyo character that first got me wanting to try the dish.

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ziroc said...

I envy you. I can't order anything like that in my country!

ziroc said...

J-List ships worldwide with a few exceptions, like not sending 18+ Manga to Canada.

ziroc said...

not to my country! trust me! I'M DOOMED!


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