Monday, March 23, 2009

Alter Kos-Mos Ver 4

Alter Kos-Mos Ver. 4
Got this Alter Kos-Mos ver. 4 a few weeks ago. I was able to get her from Sideshow Collectables for only $30.00 thanks to them being out of stock on another figure. Back at Christmas I had gotten the Iron Man collectors DVD set from Best Buy which came with a 50.00 gift card for Sideshow Collectables. The thing with Sideshow's gift cards though is you can only use them on select merchandise. So I kept watching their gift card page to see if they added anything I wanted and could afford after the 50.00 was deducted. Most of the stuff listed that I was interested in at Christmas when I got the card would of still been 100.00 or more after the card.

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Alter Kos-Mos Ver. 4
Finally back in February they added Ikki Tousen's Ryomo Shimei to the gift card eligible items. She would of only been $15.00 with the gift card. So, I place my order and then after 2 weeks I get a email saying that unfortunately Ryomo is out of stock and that I can use the credit for the gift card on any item I want to order not just gift card eligible items. So thanks to that I was able to get this $80.00 figure for only $30.00

Alter Kos-Mos Ver. 4
I tried something new when doing the photo shoot for Kos-Mos. At first I tried taking some pictures like I normally do with the light in my room on, but the pictures didn't really look to great. So I decided to turn out the lights and just use the flash on the camera. I think they came out fairly nice. I know there are a lot of shadows, but I don't have any small lamps to use for lighting. I plan on getting some eventually for future photo shoots.

Alter Kos-Mos Ver. 4
This is an very beautiful sculpt of Kos-Mos. The sculptor Yagyu Toshiyuki did an amazing job. And I really like the stand, which is a lot more interesting than the large flat rectangle that came with my other Alter Kos-Mos. Plus it doesn't take up as much space as the other Kos-Mos's base.

Alter Kos-Mos Ver. 4

Alter Kos-Mos Ver. 4
Something I didn't notice while playing the Xenosaga games. Kos-Mos's eyes get bigger as her body gets upgraded.

Alter Kos-Mos Ver. 4
This version of Kos-Mos is defiantly worth a rating of 10/10.

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