Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Movic Yue and Nodoka Gashapons

Movic Negima
Just got in the last two figures I needed to complete this set. I had been looking for Yue and Nodoka for awhile, but could never find them being sold by themselves. So I broke down and bought a complete set giving me extras of Asuna, Konoka, and Ako which I am selling on Ebay. I decided to spruce up my pictures by taking a shot of the figures in front of my Negima 200th chapter Pactio Card set. Ako didn't have card included in the set so I left her out of the picture.

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Movic Negima
Yue and Nodoka are two of my favorite Negima characters. And these gashapons capture their Pactio card designs wonderfully. Only thing I don't like is Yue's witch hat. I think they could of made it to fit lower down on her head like how it looks on the card. As it is the hat falls off her head very easily.

Movic Negima
While putting Yue together I inadvertently broke the peg that holds her spell book. Luckily after a couple hours of searching I was able to find the broken piece. I put the broken piece into peg hole on her arm before trying to glue it back together. It was a really tight fit so it's no wonder it broke.

This is an example of how detailed these gashapon figures are. They even gave Yue her side tie panties that she wears, since she has to take her panties completely off when she goes to the restroom.

Movic Negima
Nodoka's figure looks really cute, although there were some scratches on the paint of the book to her right. Nodoka is probably my favorite character of all. I like how she went from a shy, insecure girl who was afraid of boys, to probably one of the strongest characters in the series. She's not physically strong like Negi or Asuna, but she's willing to do what ever it takes to help out Negi and the rest of her friends despite having no offensive abilities like them.

This is a really great set of of gashapon figures, and I wish Movic would make some of the other characters. Maybe a couple different versions of Chisame in some of her cosplay outfits she makes from her Pactio card.


ziroc said...

I broke the peg of the book of my Yue too. Too fragile...

ziroc said...

where can i buy this set of eight i reallly want a yue one :(

ziroc said...

If your referring to the Pactio cards you can only find them on auction sites like Ebay. They were going for 50.00 when I got mine back in 2009. They might go for more now. Same with the Gashapons. If you can't find them on Ebay try some of the Japanese auction sites like Yahoo Japan.

Actually 1 is up on Ebay. Current bid is 72 US


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