Friday, March 06, 2009

L: Change the World to Show in US Theaters

The sequel to the Death Note films, L: Change the World chronicles the last 23 days of L's life after he writes his own name into the Death Note. Show times will be 7:30PM on April 29 and 30th with tickets going on sale March 23rd.

For his final case he takes on a bio-terrorist group, and must also save the lives of two children who have no one else to turn to.

EDIT: Just realized I typed March 29 and 30th. Movie is April 29 and 30th. Think since advance tickets go on sale in March I transposed the month to the air dates. Sorry.

Source Death Note Films
Image from Asian Horror Movies


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Snark said...

I remember watching this on local TV while in Japan.

For some reason, I think I had more fun not knowing what was being said and making it up myself, but hey, if it's gonna be on the big screen, guess I might as well give it a watch >=D


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